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Uplift Games

This is a new era for games
and the people who make them.

Uplift Games is a modern, remote-first game studio based in North America and the UK. We develop top games on Roblox, including Adopt Me, which has been played over 33 billion times. Together our diverse and talented team of 60 Metaverse experts and wider industry veterans are creating future nostalgia for our millions of players.

We are a small, growing studio, and while we aren’t perfect, we strive every day to build the sort of studio we always wished we could work for. A place where unforgettable AAA-scale experiences can be created with an independent spirit, by people who live happy and healthy lives. This excites us.

Does it excite you?

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Here's What We Are Building...

We make

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me is the premiere pet adoption game on Roblox, cherished by 425M+ players worldwide. Players explore a family-friendly online world where they can build and decorate houses, adopt over 200 cute pets, and use in-game tools to create their own emergent fun with friends.

For 5 years we’ve supported Adopt Me with regular updates and features aimed at making it the premier Metaverse experience. We love that Adopt Me means so much to so many people, and the community is a joy to work with.

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Uplift Games
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*As of January 2023

My daughters have been in remote learning for almost a year now -- plus we moved across country over the summer. If it weren’t for Adopt Me, they would have no way to hang out with their friends. It’s been a life saver.

Carter Bays, parent and player Carter Bays, parent and player

Curling up on the couch and exploring the carefree world of “Adopt Me!” together has become our family’s favorite way to unwind after a long week.

Gina Rich, Washington Post Gina Rich, Washington Post

We’re hiring! Browse jobs and find out more about what it’s like working here on our Careers page.

Our Goals as a Studio:

1. Make great games that let players tell their own stories, ones they'll remember forever.

Uplift Games

2. Strive to be a studio that avoids systemic industry issues, a place that talented people of all backgrounds remember fondly.

Uplift Games

3. Create large-scale online social experiences that encourage meaningful lifelong friendships for our millions of players.

Uplift Games

4. Bring amazing games to players wherever they are, on emerging platforms beyond the edges of the known industry.

Uplift Games

5. Grow Uplift Games into something our fans connect with and cherish forever, in both the digital and the physical worlds.

Uplift Games

6. Push the limits of innovation and creativity on our platforms to create moments of joy for our team and community.

Uplift Games

7. Build systems and spaces that let new generations create their own future nostalgia.

Uplift Games

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