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With the help of our talented and diverse team, we are building the future of the Metaverse. We want to continue developing Adopt Me as well as all new experiences, and we need your help. We’re offering well-compensated flexible remote jobs that prioritize not just brilliant work, but happy and healthy lives for those who choose to work here.

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A snippet of programmer code that reads: 'If candidate == hire then print("contract")' Below the code snippet is a large banner readomg Gameplay Programmer.

Gameplay Programmer

HR Manager (US)

HR Manager (US)

A stylized illustration of a stack of thick textbooks. Atop the largest book is a scale and a gavel. The spine of the largest book reads "Internal Counsel."

Internal Counsel

An illustration of various browser windows, including a calculator, terminal window, and diagram flow-chart of game systems.

Principal Game Designer

Two cardboard boxes, one in white and one in pink. The forward-facing, white cardboard box has a logo on top that reads "Product Development Coordinator."

Product Development Coordinator

A stylized illustration of a computer program window with various 3D avatars popping out of the page. Behind the characters is the text: "Senior 3D Character Artist."

Senior 3D Character Artist

An old-school style computer terminal. The readout from the most recent line is: "NOW HIRING... Senior Gameplay Programmer."

Senior Gameplay Programmer

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

A set of spreadsheet rows, with the text "US Senior Accountant" sitting within them.

US Senior Accountant