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A bright pink egg icon with the letters A and AM in white is in the center of the image, framed by a pink circle represeting music waveform. The background is blurred but depicts a serene spring setting.

The Music of Adopt Me!

Beebee Beebee
A giant red dragon statue towers over a grey arena lit up with green circles and lines. The arena is surrounded by stone walls and overlooked by trees.

Developing a Minigame!

Beebee Beebee
A towering gate overlooks a serene courtyard surrounded by cherry blossom trees. This image depicts the event area for the Adopt Me Lunar New Year event.

Designing Lunar New Year!

Beebee Beebee
A group photo of Team Uplift at the Uplift Conference 2023. 43 people standing and kneeling for a group photo in a courtyard surrounded by green bamboo plants, everyone is smiling..

Uplift Conference 2023: Miami!

Sara Sara
An in-game screenshot of an yellow Adopt Me dog sitting on a patch of dirt. It is staring at the camera with its tongue out.

Jazwares Named Master Toy Licensee for Adopt Me!

Monika Monika
A stylized illustration of someone working from a home office. They are surrounded by various Adopt Me pets, including bees, rabbits, penguins, and flamingos. In front of them is a busy wooden desk, with a phone, tablet, and laptop that all have "Adopt Me!" across their screens.

Developers behind record breaking Roblox game Adopt Me launch new studio, Uplift Games

Uplift Games Uplift Games
A large-group photo of over 30 avatars of employees at Uplift Games. The various avatars are sitting on the ground waving, or flying on animals in the sky and clouds smiling. Prominently featured are the avatars for Bethink and NewFissy.

A Letter from NewFissy & Bethink about Uplift Games

NewFissy & Bethink NewFissy & Bethink