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A large-group photo of over 30 avatars of employees at Uplift Games. The various avatars are sitting on the ground waving, or flying on animals in the sky and clouds smiling. Prominently featured are the avatars for Bethink and NewFissy.

A Letter from NewFissy & Bethink about Uplift Games

By NewFissy & Bethink / Published 5/11/2021

Hey, Adopt Me & Roblox Community,

NewFissy and Bethink here! We’ve been working hard on Adopt Me and our studio, and we wanted to take a moment to talk to you directly about some of the exciting changes for us and our team.

Today is a big day. We are officially launching our new studio, Uplift Games, as our home for all our team members and games. Over the years, you may have known us as Team Adopt Me or as DreamCraft or by other names, which could be quite confusing. Now we are simply Uplift Games, a consistent brand for our team and community to rally around. Today’s launch is a new chapter that enables so many exciting things. The team is the same, with both of us running the studio and developing Adopt Me with the help of all our amazing friends.

The #1 reason why we are launching Uplift Games is to take good care of the 40+ incredible people we’ve brought onto our team. We see firsthand how hard our team works every day to bring amazing updates to our community, so we want to make sure everyone at our studio is happy and healthy. We’ll save everyone the complicated legal details, but basically, the new studio entity has allowed us to offer excellent benefits to our staff globally, such as great health care and flexible remote jobs. Thanks to the support of all of you, we’re able to provide stability to our team members in an otherwise unpredictable time.

Launching Uplift Games will enable us to build the best games for our community. As Uplift Games, we will continue to grow our team, bringing on the brightest minds in the Roblox ecosystem, along with talented veterans from the wider games industry. By combining deep Roblox knowledge with traditional production techniques, we’ll create much better updates even faster. This will be behind the scenes at first - you’ll see us bring on additional inspirational figures in the games industry, and then over time, our Adopt Me updates will just get way better. Things won’t happen overnight, but we’ll try our best to keep everyone informed on where our studio is headed.

There are so many exciting things on the horizon for Adopt Me and Uplift Games that we can’t wait to share with you. Uplift Games is a strong foundation for us to make our vision a reality, and we’re excited to take you with us on this ride. Thanks, everyone for your amazing support, and catch you around the metaverse!


NewFissy & Bethink

P.S. Make sure to browse the rest of our website to learn more about us. We worked really hard on it!

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